You’re Alive. Do Something With Your Life August 20, 2017 – Posted in: Everyday Living

“The day you die will start off like any other ordinary day” – Maki

If you’re reading this, congratulations you’re alive! No matter what the quality of your life is right now, you’re still capable of doing and being better. Isn’t that just a huge consolation? Have you ever taken a minute to think about your impact in your space while you’re in existence or is it one of those serious things you push to the back of your mind? It’s not always fun to think about the heavy stuff but building an impactful image and persona while one is alive is neither fun nor easy.

While I’m aware that some people don’t want much out of life it’s not a concept I’ve ever understood. Why is anyone content with mediocrity? Life was given to each of us for a purpose, don’t you want to get to find out your full purpose? You might create something remarkable in the pursuit of your full self. What else is life about if not finding your true reason for being here and then fulfilling it day after day? I don’t discredit the hard work that goes into building up but life is going to be spent anyway so why not spend it doing the extraordinary?

Sometimes I scroll through my social media feed and I stumble on pages of people that used to post so frequently and then suddenly just fell off the surface of the earth; people that are now dead and I go to their page from time to time to see what they left as part of their prints on earth. It reminds me of how fickle life is; one day you’re here taking a candid photo for the gram and the next day you’re 6ft under.

Remember that the day you die will start off like any other day, there won’t be rainbows or fireworks, you won’t get tingles in your feet. You won’t get a chance to gather all your loved ones and tell them how much they mean to you. You won’t get pre warned so you can finally start to build your dreams or chase everything you’ve ever desired. It will start off with you snoozing your alarm for the 3rd time like you do every morning and you will have no idea that it will be your last snooze.

Let me ask you, if you knew you only had 30 days on earth, what would you spend your time doing? Would you fill your everyday with all the daring things that you have always wanted to do? Will you suddenly get the courage to be bold in the pursuit of a life worth living? Why not start now then? Why wait until death is close to start living?

This new week, I urge you to fill your life with more and then some more. Live, love, laugh, dream, build, desire, chase, achieve, dare, build, create, grow, fall, fail, stand, succeed, thrive. Live.

Love x Light,