WITH LOVE FROM KANO December 6, 2018 – Posted in: Everyday Living, Photos and Stories

Hello Guys,

It’s December 2018 and I’m thankful to be living and growing more into myself.

I started this month with a strong desire to travel more for documentary and explore the life style of other people in other spaces.  I have followed my wanderlust and it has lead me to Kano, so I’m currently here going on photo walks and taking photos of people and moments that speak to me as is the nature of a photowalk.

I am so thankful for the emotions that photography invokes in me so I was inspired to share some photos from my day 1 of exploring in the city.

Kano Photowalk

Photos taken on a photowalk exploring Kano, Nigeria – A man and his mother

Two girls hawking Kuli Kuli and Sharada


I loved his face so much, I needed to take a photo with him also so I could preserve the moment forever

I have seen this photo multiple times between taking it and editing it and I have smiled every single time. It warms my heart

My chosen method of travel was the famous keke napep. I adored the interior of this one

A book seller posing next to his books

I loved his eyes, his smile and his skin. The interior of his keke napep was the perfect backdrop for him

Two security men and a whole lot of swag

I hope you like the photos nearly as much as I have enjoyed taking them. I have found intense happiness in documentary and I look forward to finding my voice and creative eyes in the journey

Love x Light,