What Are You Up To This Weekend? September 30, 2017 – Posted in: Everyday Living

I definitely thank God it’s Saturday. As a struggling entrepreneur I would have to say that everyday feels the same to me, weekdays into weekends into bank holidays all bring the same level of intensity so much that I forget what actual day I’m in but Saturday is definitely one of my favorite days of the week because once I see people home and not rushing for work then I know its the weekend.

How has your week been? Did you get up to anything exciting?

I got up to a few exciting things; I’ve been setting up my 2nd store so it’s been a bit overwhelming getting that up and running. Also, I moved back into my home after being out for weeks due to an airbnb guest I was hosting and it felt so good to be back in my space. The most exciting part of my week was most definitely my Fall 17′ shoot I did for my store The NALÈ Girl, it was super successful as a lot of creatives came through for me so I was very excited about that and I absolutely can not wait to see the photos. You can see photos and read about the inspiration for the store’s Summer 17′ here


I had a lot of reflective periods this week, I took some time to reflect on where I was this time a year ago, two years ago and even a few years back. It’s been a great run and as much as life has had it’s ups and downs, I can’t deny the growth. I urge you to to do the same and you’ll see that you have a lot to be grateful for (if you’ve put in the work ofcourse)

I’m currently having a cider by the poolside in The Wheatbaker Hotel in Ikoyi, Lagos  waiting to start my makeup for a runway show I’m walking in tonight for David Bowler Fall/Spring 18′ collection; this should be exciting. I haven’t been on a runway in maybe 2 years so it should definitely be good times.

I hope that you have a good long weekend. Do more of what makes you literally laugh out loud, spend time with people you love and fill your heart.

Love x Light,