VALENTINE’S DAY MUSING February 14, 2016 – Posted in: Everyday Living


In the spirit of St. Valentine’s Day i’m writing about love.

Valentines Day is a day most lovers (faithful ones) look forward to and single people dread. It is a reminder of love & renewed vows for those in relationships and for those single ones it is a reminder of how alone you are.

Today i’m reaffirming my decision to love myself more and more and stop looking for validation/identity/acceptance in a significant other. I realize now that most times i want to be loved and accepted and because of that i accept some things that reduce my value.

I read somewhere recently ‘Love is deaf, you can’t just tell someone you love them, you have to show it’.

Love is a two way street, it is deciding to accept the good and the bad in someone else, it is being there through the ups and downs. Sometimes we know the ones we are with could never really love us the way we deserve to be loved or even as much as we love them but we stay because we are used to being with them or because we are scared of being alone or because we have hopes and dreams of a better future with them.

If you don’t feel like you are receiving the love you deserve, take a step back and re-evaluate properly. Talk about your feelings with your partner and let them know why you deserve to be treated better. Believe that if the Love is yours and it is pure, it will change for the better.  Sometimes it will work out for the better but sometimes it won’t. Life will go on either way. Sadly, the world doesn’t pause for a broken heart.

Please when someone shows you who they are, when someone tells you brutally how they feel about you even if it’s not what you had hoped to hear; believe them! Don’t make excuses for someone else to make yourself feel better.

It’s easy to not see a situation clearly when you’re in it; but the truth is that when someone else treats us less than we deserve, we always know; it’s that uncomfortable voice/feeling within you that tells you.

It is a very beautiful feeling to have someone love you and do life with you but in the absence of that learn to love and look out for yourself. You are your most constant company; if you don’t love yourself it is impossible to love others the right way.

Happy Valentine’s Day Lovers.

Give Love. Receive Love. Spread Love.

Love x Light