UNPRODUCTIVELY BUSY February 10, 2016 – Posted in: Everyday Living


I came across this quote by Henry David Thoreau and it makes so much sense to me.

Some days i’m incredibly busy from dawn till dusk but at the end of the day i couldn’t account for anything that i had done of great value. It’s not enough to work very hard without working smart; you will find yourself stuck in a rut and so frustrated because you will see no real growth or change in your circumstance despite all your handwork and effort

Be busy for the right things, don’t work blindly without a goal or target. I made a list of 7 things that work for me when i’m unproductively busy in the hope that it will help someone out there.

1. Make a to do list – Write down the things you want to achieve and give yourself a timeline. Start with small goals that can be achieved in a day and then build it up to more complex goals that take weeks, months and even years
2. Don’t Procrastinate – It’s so easy to say ‘oh i’ll get that done later it’s all under control’ but it’s better to do the things you can do now right away; there is no such thing as the perfect time; you create the time to do the things you want to do
3. Make a ‘Done List’ – Write down your achievements as time passes; even the little seemingly insignificant ones. You will be shocked at how much you actually do achieve and you will be proud of yourself
4. Set realistic goals – You know your strength and your capacity, set goals that you are capable of achieving; push yourself by all means but be realistic about what you can achieve within a set period.
5. Reduce Distractions – We spend so much time on social networks and can sometimes get carried away and time just flies on. Reduce the amount of time you spend on twitter, snapchat, Facebook, whatsapp and all other social media unless your profession is linked to these things
6. Dream Awake – It is ok to dream and imagine all that you can be but don’t spend so much time dreaming that you’re not down on earth long enough to work on making those dreams your reality
7. Believe in yourself – Above all, believe that you can actually achieve the things you need to achieve; don’t berate yourself. You’re stronger than you know it. Be your own cheerleader and motivation.

What are you busy for?
Be busy for the things that bring you success in all areas of your life. Invest yourself in the things that will bring positivity and light your way.
Love x Light