The NALÈ Girl Looks Of The Week October 3, 2018 – Posted in: Fashion

Hi Guys <3

In the past year I’ve focused mainly on fashion for The Nale Girl and photography for Visualsbynale. I’ve gone as far as going to fashion school and photography school and I’m thankful for both as they are making me more confident in giving my creative eye more attention and creating looks, mood boards and then shooting them in a way that I desire from conception to execution.

I’ve been obsessed with shooting against an intentional white cloth spread behind since I saw the Tyler shoot of Beyoncè for Vogue Magazine so I went ahead to create and shoot just that right by the corner of my home for the nale girl.

I was channeling my inner Rihanna in the picture above


For the rest of the looks, I shot with one of my favorite models to work with, Elizabeth

All the looks are for my women’s wear brand The NALÈ Girl and can be ordered on the website

What are your favorite looks?

To see more of the brand on a day to day, please check out the NALÈ Instagram

Lo√e x Light,