The NALÈ Girl Look Of The Week (Behind The Scene) October 21, 2017 – Posted in: Everyday Living

The NALÈ Girl look of the week was put together by me and my talented brother for my store The NALÈ Girl. Shoot days are always very interesting for me and I enjoy the creative process from location scouting to executing the shoot the way I envision it.

I decided to start producing 2 variations of a style to suit personal style preferences so I’ve made The Ixora pair, the dress and the jumpsuit. The looks are nude so we were aiming for an artsy brown background. I had heard of Arts & Craft market in Gwarimpa in Abuja but I had never been there so we decided to check it out.

Right before we left the house, I felt the sun hit me and I just had to pose. If my personality could be a dress I think it would be this dress for sure.

When we got to the market, we walked around until we found a colorful stall with good lighting. As a rule, I always buy atleast an item from anyone kind enough to allow us take all the photos we want.

I absolutely loved the vintage feel of the photo we took in the stall. It was shot with a Canon 80D and edited with snapseed. I bought the satchel I’m holding at a bargain for N2,000 for letting us shoot in his stall. He also had a bunch of other pretty cool purses

Mr Mohammed was also so kind as to close his stall to allow me change into my 2nd look

the nalè girl new looks

the nalè girl new look

The second look was a jumpsuit with the same upper body part. We shot this at a neighbor’s store where he sold paintings on canvas

The Ixora Jumpsuit can be bought on this link

We walked around some more and I fell in love with this African made figurines and chess board. How cool is it right?

I found this one hilarious, a line for women seeking visa to leave the country

We had such a blast and I absolutely loved all the images. It was most definitely worth the trip there

What are your thoughts on the location and the outfits?

Do you have any recommendations on where to do my next shoot?

The NALÈ Girl look of the week will be a new feature I’ll do weekly to show what I’m up to with the store, I hope you enjoy it.

Love x Light,