The Burden That Is Adulthood November 8, 2017 – Posted in: Everyday Living

Adult- A person who is fully grown or developed 

Adult- person who by virtue of attaining a certain age, generally eighteen, is regarded in the eyes of the law as being able to manage his or her own affairs.

When I was younger all I wanted to do was be grown up and do what I perceived to be grown up things. Wear mini clothes if I wanted to, go out at 10pm to meet up with friends, be able to order alcohol in bars, hang out with boys. Looking back now, I wish I had a true 360 view of what adulthood meant and all the baggage that it came with.

I am curious, at what point does one actually become an adult? Is this when you get your first period as a woman or when you grow beards as a man? Is this when you get into university or when you graduate? When you fall in love for the first time or when you experience your first heart wrenching heart break? When you move out from home or when you actually start to pay your own bills? When you tell your parents ‘no’ for the first time and realize that they actually have no other option but to go with what you say? When you stop spending on alcohol in order to pay for your electricity instead? When you’d much rather watch re-runs of Scandal than go clubbing with energetic young kids?

I couldn’t say the first time I actually felt like an adult but I would say it was something between my part time jobs, part time juggling education in university and when I realized I actually had the power to decide my life path.

20 short notes to the early 20’s living life:

  • Enjoy the period of not having a lot of responsibilities. It won’t last forever
  • Do you! Discover yourself and do more of what makes you whole. Live life on your terms
  • These are your crucial years, be focused on whatever path you chose, it’s easy to get distracted at this age by things that are not so important like being accepted and belonging but remember to ‘focus’
  • As you grow older, the people in your life grow older too. You realize that they are not invincible. And that someday you will have to bid farewell to them all. Appreciate them when you can as often as you can.
  • Save! It’s easy to get carried away and think that money will always come but it’s important to save for the things you want to build in future.
  • It’s actually ok to fail. Failure is a part of life and failing only points to the fact that you’re trying.
  • You will get your heart broken but you will also get over it. Life actually goes on
  • The modern world is not built for the weak. Be strong enough to pursue the things that set your heart on fire
  • Friendship is in quality and not quantity. Friends come and go and that’s also ok. Like I said, life goes on
  • It’s ok to be different. Don’t beat yourself up because you’re not like ‘most’ people, I consider that to be a blessing
  • Your family will always be there even when it seems like you’ve messed up and lost them. They’ll come back because that’s how family works
  • Whoever said ‘nothing good comes easy’ meant it. To be phenomenal, your work ethic has to be phenomenal.
  • Everyone’s path is different. Focus on yours.
  • For the millennia’s, instagram cool is not always reality cool. Don’t pressure your reality based on someone else’s instagram perception
  • Enlarge your mind because the world is much larger than the walls that confine your limited point of view
  • You are very capable of being everything that you want to be. First believe and then work hard
  • The people that do not pay your bills have no right to dictate your life or voice opinions on how they believe you should live
  • Culture has changed. The 2010 woman is not the 2017 woman. Change accordingly. Dare to dream
  • Life is not a one box fits all, do everything you believe you can do. The limitations in life are set by your mind
  • You have the power

I’m in my prime adult years and these are things I wish I had told my younger self. What do you wish you could tell your younger self?

Love x Light,