THE ‘GOLDEN TICKET’ TO SUCCESSFUL June 21, 2017 – Posted in: Everyday Living

To me, a golden ticket is a skill or talent you have that can propel you to greatness. Every one under the sun has something they are specially good at. I have a few and I’m willing to bet that you do too so why aren’t you harnessing yours? There are different roads to ‘successful’; one of the sure ways is to do something you’re talented in and to do it excellently and consistently.

WHAT IS YOUR GOLDEN TICKET? – Your golden ticket is something you are great at and there’s no limitation to what this might be. We live in the millennial era or the ‘restless’ era as i like to call it. We are a smart and fast generation, consequently technology and social media has made being successful easier. You can record yourself or go live on Instagram in a room in Enugu and have someone watch your video in Tokyo. What do you say or show with the platform that’s available to you? Most of the successful people in this generation have found ways to perfect the works of their hands that add value and export it for world use.

Most important, your golden ticket can range from make up to wealth management to coding to baking to app development to life coaching; don’t let anyone force you into any box, rather find your box and rule in it. There are many sectors; there’s the corporate space,  entertainment, lifestyle, the web space, entrepreneurship and there’s being an excellent employee amongst others. Figure yours out and excel in it. Find your strengths and make them work for you towards ‘successful’ whatever that might mean to you.

Furthermore, It’s possible to have a few things you are excellent at, in the pursuit of fine tuning your talents to lead you on the path to ‘successful’, you have to avoid the trap of being a jack of all trades and a master of none. Find what you excel in or have the ‘potential’ and nurture those (I’m excellent at sleeping but I don’t see much success coming from that)

Therefore, I pursue things that I believe I’m good at like writing and fashion. Some of my writing can be found on My Life Stories and some Super Cool Fashion Items like in the photo below can be found in my store.

In summary, you can thrive doing what you love and are good at so why live life doing otherwise? If you never had to worry about money, what do you love enough to spend life doing for work?

That might be your answer because the honest truth is that your talent can propel you to ‘successful’.

Love x Light,