You Are An Original; Start Acting Like One September 14, 2017 – Posted in: Everyday Living

“Always be yourself, because not much left in this world is unique, but you are” – Shannon Harris

Has it ever occurred to you just how special you are? You are an original, there is literally no one exactly like you out there, you were specially and wonderfully created with gifts that are unique to you and that is your power. You are not an imitation or a fake. You are the real version of yourself; what is the fun in now trying to be a copy of someone else that has achieved something with their own lives?

I believe that most people never reach their full potential because they just don’t believe that they have what it takes to achieve much or even worse, they believe themselves to be ordinary. The only difference between you and people that are living out their full potential and changing the world is a combination of self knowledge and effort. Henry Ford said it best and i quote ‘Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right.’ The ability to achieve a thing starts from the moment you believe that you are capable of achieving said thing. It is impossible to achieve anything if you don’t believe in your ability.  I’ve also come to realize that no one will ever value you or believe in you much more than you believe in yourself. If you don’t believe that you are capable of achieving something, why should anyone else believe that? While I believe that finding a balance is important, it is better to have an over inflated sense of yourself than a deflated one.

I have always believed self love to be the best love because when you recognize yourself as the very special being that you are, you realize your worth, you begin to live your truth and you will only ever accept what you believe you deserve. Embrace your ‘original’. Living your truth sets you apart from millions that live second hand lives because of the inability to embrace who they are. When you truly know and love self, you are immune from negativity and idle gossip.

When you have self belief and you live your truth, your only focus in life will be to live a full and true life. You truly understand that mediocrity is not the norm and you simply refuse to accept it in your life. You realize that you have more power than you’ve ever known. You have the power of choice, the power to say yes and accept a situation or the power to say no and change a situation. You have the power. The difference between potential and success in your life depends on you and no one else. Do you want to be someone that has tremendous potential to be something but never quite gets there or do you want to be someone that is unapologetic in the pursuit of dreams and passions?

You are an original, a true masterpiece and I believe in you and in your ability to create and live your best life. Learn to believe in yourself.

Love x Light.