IS ANYONE OUT THERE? June 9, 2017 – Posted in: Everyday Living

  • “Don’t work for recognition, but do work worthy of recognition” – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Often when I write, I wonder who’s out there, who reads my words, if they’re able to put themselves in my shoes, if my words actually help in any way or if it’s just an echo in a hollow space resounding for the walls. I remember reading that when you start blogging, for a while it feels as though you’re talking to yourself; for the first time I actually understand this. I’ve never been one to do anything for recognition or attention, instead I’ve always been motivated by the need to inspire, because of this I’m satisfied with the few people that my words connect to when they reach out to me.

The way i’ve been feeling and my thoughts have led me to write this post for everyone that’s trying but isn’t sure their efforts are being recognized or for those that feel like they’re not being seen after all the hard work and dedication they put into their craft. It’s so easy to feel disheartened because you feel like  you’re really trying your best but for some reason, you’re not getting the recognition you believe you deserve or one that matches your effort. My advice to you is to keep on keeping on even when it doesn’t make sense to and even when there is no applause. What else is life about if you can’t wake up everyday striving to build the life you desire? Why do we always crave recognition for living our full lives? Why are people awarded for being phenomenal?

Here are a few ways I can offer advice to keep trying even when it seems like the world isn’t watching or noticing:

  1. Do it for yourself – The works of your hand has to be personal. You have to create or work for a deeper reason than people’s attention. Focus on what I’ve said repeatedly to be important; your ‘why’. It will be hard to ignore your work if your passion radiates. The world has a way of navigating to greatness. This applies to employees in a work place, entrepreneurs alike and generally in life. Do things for yourself not because it’s the cool or acceptable thing to do.
  2. Do it to do it well – You should always strive to be a better version of yourself. Do what you do perfectly because you want your work to resonate with detail and perfection. You want to do your research to always be on your A game. That should be the norm whether anyone is watching or not.
  3. Be Steadfast – It’s possible that you need to monetize like yesterday because of bills and general survival but be steadfast and consoled in the fact that all it takes is for one ‘right’ person to see your work and everything could change overnight. Don’t give up because things are hard or because it’s taking too long to manifest. Be steadfast in the pursuit of building your life and be resilient always.
  4. Be Your Own Cheerleader – Life is too fast to wait around for people to come and pat you on the back. The people you look up to have people that they look up to for appreciation. Appreciate your own self for your little successes. You see your own growth, it’s not in vain. The world may not see you for the genius you may be yet and that’s actually ok.
  5. Work, Work, Work – It’s a disservice to practice eye service with one’s self. Don’t pretend to be working on social media but spend your actual days wallowing in wonder and self pity. Work hard even when there’s no one to commend you. Work, learn, work harder, work smarter, do better.

A few notable people tried in their little spaces to create for years and years without recognition and today they’re household names because they kept trying even without the applause; some of these people are Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, J.K Rowling, Oprah, Walt Disney, Abraham Lincoln, Stephen King among so many other people in the world, some with their stories private.

Life is a journey and as such, it’s fluid. You keep moving, learning, experiencing, adjusting, living, growing. Learning to live without recognition is a skill in itself. Learn how to praise yourself effectively. No matter how bad it is or how bad it gets, go the extra mile with determination and do so for yourself.

I’m out here and as always, I’m rooting for you.

Love x Light,