Why Be An Imitation When You Can Be An Original? July 23, 2017 – Posted in: Everyday Living

Imitation is a Limitation – NALÈ

Over and over again, I’ve seen people that have role models that they proceed to emulate in looks, attempted lifestyle and behaviour until they create a satisfactory replica and this is something I’ve never quite understood.

To want to be someone else is an insult to the awesome person that you are. You don’t need to look or sound like someone else to be considered cool. Work on being the absolute best version of self. I’ve never seen anyone become great by imitation. To imitate someone else requires such hard work, education and dedication. It takes even more effort to discover self and make yourself a masterpiece but that’s always the best option in my opinion.

I believe that everyone is capable of being great but most times they’re not aware of it because of several factors; maybe no one in their family tree has achieved anything remarkable so they believe it’ll be farfetched to hope for more, maybe they don’t have the discipline required to show up and work hard as we all know that nothing great comes quick or easy, maybe they don’t want it bad enough; whatever the personal reason is, NO ONE was born mediocre. You were born with an identity and a purpose. Life won’t always be easy, your reality may not match your dreams but please understand that you are a phenomenal work waiting to be released. Find what your talent is and use it to change the world around you. Your talents are not for you to make money or for you to just have and appreciate; they were precisely give to you so that you are capable of leaving your mark on earth and inspiring others to find theirs.

It’s ok to learn from others in the hope to be better but learn to focus on inspiration and not imitation. Inspiration is flattering but imitation is offensive.

Here are my reasons for you to practise self discovery instead of imitation:

  1. You will never be just like another person so why bother? No matter how hard I try to be like person b, i can never fully succeed. So isn’t this in itself a futile effort?
  2. Even if you do succeed, you will always remind everyone of the said person so all you’ll ever be is b’s look alike. Don’t you want your own identity? What’s the fun in being the second hand version of a masterpiece? Would you rather carry an original Birkin bag or a copy? What will give you the most sense of pride?
  3. Where do you cage yourself when you fill yourself up with someone else? With imitation, you lose a lot of your purpose and your identity. Choose yourself.
  4. I believe in you and in your ability to be true to yourself. I’m rooting for you

The best imitation in the world is not half as good as a poor original – Luise Rainer

Be true to yourself now and always simply because you owe it to you.

Love x Light.