HOW TO PRACTISE ACCEPTANCE June 6, 2017 – Posted in: Everyday Living

“When you learn to accept instead of expect, you’ll have fewer disappointments.” ~Unknown

Through my limited experiences and situations over almost 3 decades in the universe I’ve learnt the importance of practising acceptance over expectation. To accept something or someone as what it is prevents the anxiety and almost inevitable disappointment that comes with waiting for something or someone to change. Find your tribe and accept them as they are, stop managing situations that are not ideal for you and stop meeting people and putting pressure on them to change who they’ve always been to suit what you would prefer them to be. In the words of Maya Angelou, when someone shows you who they are please believe them; if they work for you, accept them.

How do you practise acceptance in all areas of your life to lead a balanced and fulfilled life?

With Self

“Our job in this lifetime is not to shape ourselves into some ideal we ought to be, but to find out who we already are and become it.” ~Steven Pressfield

Who are you? What do you like to do? What makes you happy? Find out what makes you tick, who makes your heart flutter, what ignites your passion and do more of those things. It’s always sad to see someone living life based on other’s perception and expectations. You only have one life to live, why choose a second hand life? Emancipate yourself from the standard of who society says you are meant to be and practice self acceptance and love.

With Relationships

I’ve been in past relationships and friendships that felt like wearing a shoe 2 sizes smaller. IT never quite fit but i stayed on, hoping that one day my hypothetical feet will suddenly grow smaller or the shoes will expand out to fit but this never happened and it was unfair to both parties to change to suit the other. As a rule now, I only accept what feels like home. I don’t force connections or wait around for people to change to be what I deserve. Let go of what doesn’t fit and accept what does. Everything in-between is unnecessary. Stop complaining about the people you CHOSE to let stay on in your life. Life and relationships can actually be that simple. Simplify your life by accepting what you believe you deserve

With Dreams

I’d like to state for the record that your dreams are valid and you owe it to yourself to create your paradise here on earth whatever that is to you. Practise acceptance with your dreams only when they become your reality. Understand that what you accept is what will continue. The universe will never give you what you don’t demand and no one will ever value you higher than you value yourself. Be relentless with your dreams. Accept that you have no option but to make this life your best life and never take no for an answer. You are capable of being all that you are meant to be.

With Life and Situations

I practise The Serenity Prayer in my day to day and I’ve found that this makes my life considerably easier. I never worry about what I have no control over. I accept it as the reality and I forge ahead. There is no pleasure in worrying about traffic on the 3rd mainland bridge that you have no control over or rain falling on a busy day. You accept what you can’t change and you change what you can. Do not give negative energy to situations that are not in your control to change.

Practising acceptance truly makes my life lighter and easier. I believe it will make yours also. Allow yourself to practise acceptance for one week and see the difference it makes.

These steps above work for me and I hope they work for you too. I would love to hear from you if these steps work for you or if you have any additional tips for me to try out.

Love x Light