I Hope You Have A Good Weekend July 22, 2017 – Posted in: Everyday Living

It’s a rainy Saturday evening and I’ve spent the day taking care of self by eating, watching tv and turning off my worry button. It’s important to be able to control the switches we have in life even with the knowledge that life won’t pause for our self love. We all need this every once in a while. What have you spent your day doing?

This past week was emotional for me, a few of my friends lost their loved ones and the emotions felt and witnessed were all so raw. I’ve come to the conclusion that pain is best felt alone, i felt like a silent intruder just lurking in the shadows so I wasn’t in the way of family that knew and loved the deceased, an outsider just watching and soaking in 2nd hand diluted pain.

I’m glad it’s finally the weekend. There’s something about weekends that make me feel like I’ve ended a chapter and unlocked a new level to begin another stage. It’s refreshing to have an end and a beginning ever so often. I’m allowing myself to bask in the moment; not in what happened a few days ago or what I want to happen in a few days but in the here and now.

I’m grateful for a few things this week – supportive family, rekindling a friendship gone stale with time, breath & life, fast wifi, sweet potatoe fries, my recently completed work studio, my store. What are you grateful for?

My workspace is very minimal (like it’s owner lol). It’s done in white and black; I also got new plants i’ll share with you soon and coloured pots to add splash of colour. What do you think?

I hope that you have an easy weekend, you take your time breathing, you avoid stress and you bask in pleasant moments. I also hope that you do more of what makes you either peaceful or happy.

Love x Light,