HONOR YOUR EVOLUTION August 15, 2017 – Posted in: Everyday Living

Be patient with your growth cycle, everything happens in seasons. Honor your evolution – Alex Elle

I came across an Instagram post by one of my favorite writers Alex Elle and it inspired this post. Lately I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by life, life’s responsibilities and growth. On one hand, I’ve been feeling like I’m not ready for the little success’s that have been coming my way and on the other hand I’ve been feeling the need for things to move faster so I can get to the next phase already. This has been making me to go between taking unmerited time off and putting undue pressure on myself which is a weird position to be in.

This very beautiful picture of a sunflower with fallen petals spoke so many words to me. I realise that I’m a work of art in the process of blooming. Life in all of it’s reality is never a constant full bloom. Sometimes it’s a half bloom and that’s actually ok. Understand that you have all the power. The power to stay or to go, to grow or to be still. The life we live is directly a consequence of the actions we put in. Are you planted in solid ground that leads to your bloom?

I’m trying to stop being fixated on what’s coming next or what has come and gone, instead I’m trying to focus on the here and now. The season I’ve found myself in which is in all honesty a season I’ve been working hard and hoping for.

The lesson in all this today is to be patient with yourself, give self the chance and room to grow. Be easy with self even when you’ve not achieved everything you’re working towards. Life should be spent one day at a time.

Trust in yourself and in your journey, everything will blossom in it’s due season.

Love x Light,