2018 Christmas in Anambra was even more special than usual because it was the first time I went back as a documentary photographer so naturally I was more curious about the spaces that were inhabited, the people that made up those spaces and the ways of life that has been formed over decades.

I spent Christmas Day with a family in Omor and they were very kind enough to not only open up their home to me but also make me feel like I was one of them. It was a beautiful feeling to look around and feel the warmth of being accepted so intimately as I sat on a bench in front of a stool that held Christmas rice and stew.

I have always considered making or loosening of braids amongst family or friends to be such an intimate moment; it was such a precious moment watching this process happen from the way they joked amongst themselves to the ways they fell over laughing and slapping the closest person on the back because they were filled with so much happy.

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