HELLO ALL November 4, 2015 – Posted in: Everyday Living

Hello Guys,

I created this blog as a means of release for myself; a space where i can rant, show myself as i am with no restrictions and also as a means of reaching out to people in different but similar situations in the hope that i may be able to offer both inspiration and motivation through my own life. Life can be hard and living daily can sometimes be hard work on its own.

I’m trying to create a Soul & Strength safe haven.

Soul – To offer Inspiration to the soul; to remind people that they are strong, beautiful and can handle whatever life throws their way.

Strength – To offer motivation to everyone and remind you all that you can create your dream body one work out routine at a time.

I wasn’t always confident; i always had complaints on how i preferred my body or face to be; One day I started the journey to create what i thought my ideal body should be. Even when i had gotten ‘the ideal’ body; i still always felt something was missing and then i started to look inside; at the energy i was allowing to exist around me, at my mind set towards life and towards myself; when i started to change the things i found where no longer serving me positively; i became lighter, happier, more loving and more confident in who i am as a person and who i have the potential to be.

I exist in the Universe and i believe in love, light, peace, calm, destiny, hardwork, perseverance and dreams turning to reality.
I believe that i have something to say and i believe my words in their own little way could motivate others.
This is a medium to express myself and share pieces of my view of the world with you all. I’ll be writing about things that i have experienced, that I am experiencing and things that interest, inspire and motivate me. Everything that i post is my undiluted honest and personal opinion.
I started a fitness phase a couple years ago and now it has become a part of who i am as a person. FIT is a lifestyle and not a journey; i will be posting a lot of content to motivate and help people achieve their dream body as i have come to a point where i believe i have achieved my dream body and this has made me a more confident woman.

Self growth is a never ending process; we can always be better and do better.

Everyone can really live their ‘ideal’ life in their ‘dream’ body.

This is a medium for me to use to encourage you all and help you towards achieving a balanced physical and mental state and for me to achieve same through those that choose to share their own stories with me. In the world we live in now; we find strength in each other

Thank you as you become a part of this phase

Peace & Love,