I dream of so many things and then I spend my life trying to make these dreams my reality. Whenever I achieve a dream, I proceed to dream some more and whenever I don’t achieve a dream, I still proceed to dream more. What else would I spend life doing?

I created this space as a means of release for myself; a space where I can rant, show my transparent self and share my unpopular opinions. I also created it as a means of reaching out to people in different but similar situations in the hope that I may be able to offer both inspiration and motivation through my own life whilst also being motivated and inspired by the stories of people that trust me enough to share their experiences with me. Life can be hard and living daily can sometimes be hard work on its own and I believe that we need to find strength in one another.

My passions lie in Fashion and People.

My vision is to play a part in the development and distribution of ‘Fashion’ in my environment and beyond. Fashion was my first love and will always be a great love of mine so this inspired me to start my fashion brand The NALÈ Girl

My vision is to meet people from all works of life with different culture, experiences and background. I want to hear other peoples stories and share mine with them. I want to impact and be impacted, inspire and be inspired.

I exist in the Universe and I believe in love, light, peace, calm, destiny, hard work, perseverance and dreams turning to reality. I believe in you and in your ability to live your true and best full life. You are a star that’s capable of doing anything you put your mind and sweat to. Shine on.

Thank you for giving me a minute of your time and attention. Feel free to reach out if you need a virtual friend to talk to or to share your journey with me on info@thenwando.com

Peace, Joy, Love x Light.