A DAY WITH PRINCE MEYSON January 28, 2017 – Posted in: Fashion

When someone genuinely appreciates your craft, it’s much more valuable and more felt that when you get paid – Prince Meyson

I’ve had the honor of working with Prince Meyson and the pleasure of socializing with him, I was greatly moved and inspired by my most recent conversation with him so I’m sharing in the hope that someone out there will be greatly moved and inspired also.

Prince Meyson is a very talented photographer currently getting mainstream recognition for his photography skills, his retouching style and his effort to educate & share photography knowledge with others.

It’s so easy to see the success of people but it’s very rare to have an insight into the numerous failures that led them to success. If you ask any fairly successful person, they’ll tell you that life wasn’t always so easy, they did not always have the spirit to fight for what they wanted and life was more often than not very unfair to them.The norm of life as we know it is to be born, catered for, sent off to schools and then to fend for ourselves after formal education. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for Prince, his life path took a different turn, after his high school education when he was unable to continue to university to get a degree. He tried for several years until he accepted the fate that a formal education was not in the plan for his life due to circumstances he couldn’t control. At that point in his life, he had 2 choices. He could have blamed life for his situation and spent his time envious of his classmates that had moved on to university, graduated and gotten desk jobs, or he could look inward, find ways to improvise and make the best of the hand life had dealt him. The choice he made has given us all the opportunity to know the talent that is Prince Meyson.

Prince spent his early adult years doing odd jobs working at music studios to make ends meet for himself and to contribute to his family, and in doing this he stumbled upon his interest in videography. So he started studying the talents in the studio, learning what he could here and there. At that time he never got very far with it but then he found and started exploring photography. Independently, he studied what he could; learning the technical parts of photography while practicing when he could get his hands on any camera he could find. In 2013, he got his first professional camera which took him almost 2 years to pay off. Between then and now, he has practiced endlessly, improved upon this skill he stumbled on and now, his name is instantly recognizable in the fashion industry where he’s still pushing his own limits, testing himself and seeking to be the best version of himself.

In succeeding in his chosen field without a formal education, Prince has taught me to make the best of whatever situation I may find myself in. He has other life lessons he wants to share; Please find below:


  1. Be open minded and allow yourself to evolve – His first interest was videography, he did not stay focused on that for years and years trying to perfect a skill that did not come naturally, he chose to transition to photography where he found undiluted passion. Not every path you take is meant to be stayed on.
  2. Persistence is key – There were so many times he got discouraged by life and his situation but he never allowed that to take away his ability to persist in the midst of difficulty. He pushed and persevered which paid off in the end.
  3. Practice – The only way to perfect a skill is to practice and then practice some more. No matter how talented you are, if you stop practicing, your art will suffer for it. Even when you’re notable, keep practicing and perfecting your skill, there’s always something new to learn.
  4. Believe in the seemingly impossible – When he had the vision of becoming a photographer he had no gear and no realistic way of getting the gadgets he needed to do professional work. But he believed and because he believed he could, he did. Blind faith in yourself and your abilities even when reality looks bleak will take you very far. Believe in your abilities.
  5. If you put in the work, you’ll be ready when opportunity comes knocking – It is important to be prepared for when you ‘suddenly’ find opportunity; opportunity does not come for the potentially ready, it comes for those who are ready to grab it. There’s the popular saying that goes: ‘opportunity comes but once’. Well, I disagree; I believe that opportunities present themselves from time to time for people that position themselves for it.
  6. Allow yourself time to grow – The beauty that is Rome was not built in a day, Mozart did not perfect his art overnight, Basquiat was a work in progress for a while. Allow yourself the luxury of time to grow and perfect your art.
  7. Start where you are with what you have even though it doesn’t look like much – Most people spend life waiting for the perfect time, the required capital, the right situation, the needed contacts or one thing or the other. Life is not always fair, you won’t always get what you want when you want it so instead of waiting for life to hand you the ‘right factor’, start with the little you have, where you are and grow into what will come naturally once you just start.
  8. Self-education is possible – The first question I ask most ‘creators’ is if they got formal education for their art or they were self-educated. I have found that most of them are self-educated. The technology era has made attaining knowledge one click away. Experience as they say is the best teacher; they learn, try, fail, learn some more and continue this cycle until they perfect their skill. Prince plans to still gain formal education at some point so he can be better qualified to teach others but he says that (and his life shows that) it is very possible to self educate yourself to success.

Prince is living and walking proof of the fact that your dreams are not as impossible as they may seem. If you believe in and you push yourself, you will eventually find success or it’ll find you.

Dream Big. Win Big.

What are your thoughts on finding success without a formal university education? Please share in the comments

Love x Light,


More of his amazing work can be found on Instagram – @princemeyson and some of his tutorials can be found on his Youtube channel here