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“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” ― John Lennon



“I feel the urge and need to help people, like that’s what i was sent here for; not for myself but to make other people lead better lives” – Lex Ash

There’s something so beautiful about a chance meeting that goes  forward to producing something so authentic.

Lex and I connected by chance via modern day technology, we met up, had a sit down to have a feel of each other and to discuss what a collaboration between a visual artist and a model could lead to. He is a visual artist that is talented in singing, writing, consultancy, design & brand development amongst other things. I’m very drawn to multi-dimensional people with stories and always curious as to what makes them tick, so naturally i was very curious about Lex when we met. I found it very admirable that he was very confident about his place in life & society and he knew  exactly what he wanted and expected out of life. It’s not often you meet someone that has it all figured out. When asked where his passion lay; he said verbatim “I am passionate about God, people and art”.

This is what he had to say –

About God – “I owe my life, all I am, all I do, all I will be to God”

About People – “Humans are extremely interesting, with different minds and different abilities; that is amazing to me”

About Art – “Art is capable of affecting one’s feelings, influencing emotions, describing thoughts, bringing people together and separating them at the same time’

I found him to be a breath of fresh air in a society that is driven by selfish interest and ruthless ambition and I found him very delightful.

Below is what happens when a visual artist meets visual art






I’m grateful for connections that lead to creations.

Thank you Lex for reminding me that there’s beauty in people, that a tainted world does not necessarily breed tainted individuals.

Keep Flourishing

Love x Light,




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Lex Ash | www.thelexash.com |@thelexash