A DAY WITH KELECHI AMADI-OBI FOR MANIA MAGAZINE September 26, 2016 – Posted in: Fashion


“Millennial’s have everything they need to succeed with the access to social media available today; you can take a photo/record a video of your art, put it online and someone in any part of the world can discover you” – Kelechi Amadi Obi

Kelechi Amadi Obi is a breath of fresh air to work with. Every shoot with him is also a learning experience for me, he’s very eccentric and flows from one conversation to another pushing you to think deeply and forget your immediate surroundings.

This was the 1st feature i did for Mania Magazine. Every time i work with this team, i find that i push my self to new challenges and greater heights; this shoot was taken on a boat under third mainland bridge. Imagine shooting in the middle of all that process.


What have i learnt from this super talented photographer?

1. Humility – He’s one of the most humble overachievers i’ve ever met. The first day i met him and we worked together; i wasn’t sure what to expect, i was a novice and he was a master of his art. He spoke to me as if we were professional equals and he made me very relaxed about the entire process and at the end we were talking like old friends.
2. Passion – His face literally lights up when he talks about his love for his work and projects he’s working on. It’s always very admirable to see such raw love for what one does.
3. Knowledge is key – He constantly talks about some new skill he’s trying to develop or something he’s reading to help him be better at his work; i would think that when you’re tagged as one of the best photographers in Africa it’s ok to relax but he begs to differ. I really did learn the importance of learning and increasing knowledge even when you achieve ‘success’.
4. Practice makes perfect – Sometimes we would have a shoot so he can practice some new trick he had just learnt from reading and watching tutorial videos, it’s not enough to just learn, you must practice what you learn until you master it no matter how great you think you already are.
5. To push myself – My most challenging shoots have been with him, once on the edge of a canoe in the middle of third mainland bridge surrounded by life guards incase i ‘drown’. Every shoot with him expands my limits on boundaries i had never imagined crossing.

I’m truly honored to have had the opportunity to work with him time and time again and i look forward to the future projects that continue to challenge me. He’s truly one of my fashion inspirations.


The result of this shoot was timeless photos that’ll retain beauty through the years. Continue to chase your dreams and strive to create works of art that you’ll be proud to share with your future generation.


Love x Light,