A DAY WITH AMARELIS July 26, 2016 – Posted in: Fashion

Look 1-The Chic

First Random Fact: I launched my concession store in Portharcourt in April 2016. I spent my days getting email contact information from designers online and writing to introduce myself, attempting to convince to trust me and my start up brand, buy into my vision and go on the business of fashion with me. After about 100 emails; i got one reply indicating interest and that person was the brain behind the Amarelis brand. She was the first designer that paid for a stand in my concession store without even meeting me; she got my email and she trusted me with her collection just based off email and phone interaction. In a lot of ways; she reminded me of the importance of believing in others; friends and strangers alike.


Look 2– The Boss

Now that’s out of the way, I spent a day with the Amarelis team working on her Fall/Winter 2016 collection titled “Innocencia de Florence”. This collection ‘focuses on a lineup of elegant dreamy dresses and functional pieces for your wardrobe that are easy-to-layer’ in their words. 

Look 3-The Rich

I felt really happy all through the shoot; because i truly felt connected to the brand. I felt like the growth of the brand meant the growth of my brand. We were just 2 women entrepreneurs working towards succeeding at what we have chosen to do.

Look 4-The Simple

Now, lets talk about the collection. I wore a total of 16 looks and the styles ranged from work, church, casual hang out, ‘meet the parents’ s, red carpet to downright sexy.

Look 5-The Unapologetic Sexy

I loved the silk and ruffles to the comfortable cotton. I completely love the versatility; the fact that i could literally pull off a Monday to Sunday look off the collection. The versatile collection reminded me of my personality also. I often feel like i wear many hats.

Look 6-The Good Girl

I’ve run out of witty things to say; so please enjoy the collection. I believe that there’s something for everyone in it. If you ever get to order any of them; i’m positive you’ll slay(as the cool kids say) in the piece.
Look 7-The Independent

Look 9-The Dependent

Look 10-The Success

Look 11-The Celebrity

Look 12-The Confident

Look 13-The Wedding Guest

Look 14-The Serial Dater

Look 15-The ‘Successful’ Celebrity

Look 16-The Royal
Look 17-The Non-Conformist

So i played around and i attached a title to each look based on the first thing that came to my head when i saw each one. What are your thoughts? Appropriate or not?

What pieces would you wear and where would you wear them to? I’d love to know your opinions.

Ofcourse you can shop all the looks in my store (NALÈ Fashion House) http://www.nalefashionhouse.com

Love x Light,






Creative Director: Omolara Cole (@colelaracole)
Photographer: Tope Adenola (@Tope_Horpload)
Shoot Direction & Styling: Sharon Ojong (www.sharonojong.com)
Model: Nwando Ebeledike (@TheNwando)
Makeup Artist: Ara by Laide (@ArabyLaide)
Hair: Fred (@FredMakeover)