10 Things You Should Never Apologize For October 23, 2017 – Posted in: Everyday Living

“To shine your brightest light is to be who you truly are.” – Roy T. Bennett

An over thinker, an extrovert, a person that hurts easily, a person that’s not emotional, an over achiever, an emotional eater, whoever and whatever you are, you should never apologize for being yourself. Day by day I’m learning the importance of being authentic to self, life is too short and the journey too chaotic to live a 2nd hand version of life but so many people fill their lives up with things they don’t really want just for the convenience of being like everyone else so they can be accepted as the norm. I’ve never quite understood the pleasure found in being just like everyone else, there is so much beauty in being unique and owning your difference.

I’ve found that some people apologize for being certain ways verbally or mentally. They shrink their essence to fit in and apologize for the things that make them different, below are a few things you should never apologize for:

  1. For loving ‘too much’ – I have such a large heart and I love deeply, I understand that my love is not for just anyone. I’ve been told in the past to ‘tone’ down my emotions so they don’t come across as too much and I replied I would rather wait until I found someone that was capable of handling my love. Never apologize for feeling anything deeply
  2. For being a dreamer – Dreamers are the ones that make a difference in the world, everyone that has invented or achieved anything worthwhile started from dreaming that they could. Embrace your dreams and pursue them with all of your heart and might. It’s ok to have dreams that are so far fetched it would literally take a miracle to achieve them, those are the ones that move the world
  3. For your ‘failure’ – I’ve tried a few things in life that never quite worked out how I wanted them to but I’m still here, trying other things. It’s ok to fall as long as you get back up. I know the feeling of feeling like you let down the people that support and believe in you but nobody supports you as much as you support your own self. Never apologize for failing. You only owe it to you to pick yourself up and try again
  4. For your success – Some people feel weird or guilty about ‘having’ so they pretend that they don’t so they’re not acting ‘weird’, if you have to shrink your successes to fit in, you need a new circle of friends. Never apologize for succeeding or achieving. These are things that are to be celebrated not things to be ashamed of
  5. For being ‘woke’ – ‘Woke’ is a word that was so cool it was added to The Oxford English Dictionary. To be woke means to be aware of the social and political environments regarding all demographics and socio-economic standings. It’s ok to support ‘movements’ to fight for the disadvantaged, to believe in equal standing. It’s become a ‘trend’ for men to dislike feminists because they’re too ‘into this women equality thing’. My dear, be unapologetically woke; be very woke.
  6. For choosing your path in life – No matter what career path you’ve chosen in life, do it for the passion, do it for the skills, do it for the opportunity, do it for the money; never do it because it’s expected of you. You have a lifetime to live with yourself, create a ‘self’ you’ll be happy to live with
  7. For being different – There is beauty in difference celebrated. Whatever makes you queer, own it. It’s ok to be eccentric, shy, dominant, recluse and whatever else you might be that is not mainstream. Do not apologize for what makes you different.
  8. For letting go when you should – Toxic relationships, unhealthy friendships, bad situations, bad habits, toxic environments, a poor lifestyle, small minded people etc. Let go of whatever you need to let go of to move on to growth in life. Don’t stay in unfavorable situations because of sentiments. Anything that prevents you from being a better person, let it all go
  9. For the way you look – Tall, short, fat, skinny, plump, tiny, big cheeks, sunken eyes, bow leg, open teeth; however you look is how you look. You don’t owe it to anyone to change the way you look. If you do decide to change, do it for yourself not for a lover or family. Embrace your physical looks and own it because it’s not as though you could walk into a store to exchange it or get a refund.
  10. For your principles in life – Whatever principles guid your living, it’s ok. Don’t bend to pressure of breaking your principles when you really don’t want to and it’s definitely ok to have morals when it comes to certain things even though the rest of the world doesn’t. Don’t apologize for having principles or standards.

“Live authentically. Why would you continue to compromise something that’s beautiful to create something that is fake?” – Steve Maraboli

I find that the more I dance to the beat of my own drum, the harder it is to blame anyone else for the few things that might go wrong in my life. There is acceptance of all consequences in the knowledge that it was all my decisions that led me to present moment and not anyone else’s. The earlier you understand and accept that, the easier it is to be accountable to one’s self and strive for wholeness. To everyone trying to live their true lives, i wrote this for you.

My advice to you this week is to do more of what makes YOU happy. Go where the roads may lead, love who your heart clings to, be who you want yourself to be, take charge of your life and don’t allow anyone make you feel bad for deciding how you want your life to play out; at the very least, you owe that to yourself.

Love x Light,